Eco Breaker is the team of professional personals.

To formulate the environmental policy

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1. To provide Eco Stock Management services to the breaker yards.
2. To organizes and manages stock on shelves as most of stock dumped in the breaker yards which causes many environmental issues if it is disorganized.
a.    To manage the breaker yard according to the business requirements.

b.    To Acquire Environmental License for Breaker Yards as we are the regulatory Member of United Kingdom Environmental Protection Agency ( UKEPA). (License need to attach here)

c.    To provide (Eco Breaker Yard Management System ( EBYMS ) to the breaker yards as seen in picture............

3.     To develop the first ever innovative technique for Eco stock management for the breaker yards. That will be benefited for the business as follows:

a.    Each and every part in the unit will be properly marked and place with its classification and at its designated place. ( pictures attach here)

b.    To provide fast and efficient dispatch and delivery service to the customer which is today main problem of the breaker yards?

c. Eco Stock management technique will generate more revenue for the companies.

d. To implement the environmental rules on the breaker yard to make it environmental friendly.
e. To develop the environmental policy for breaker yards up to an international standards.
 4. We also provides Environmental Related Services to the Construction Groups. Such as Waste disposal.
5. To formulate the purchase policy of the breaker yard in environmental aspect so that it will bring financial benefit for the breaker yard
6.To train the staff to keep in view the environmental aspects
7.Health and safety of the staff members
8.To evaluate the impacts of breaker yard on the surrounding community and develop a technique to minimize those impacts.
9.To develop the methodology so that each and every bit of the vehicle is recycle
10.To deal with all the environmental issues for example ISO14001


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