Eco breaker is the name of natural environment for everybody. Our main objective is to provide the excellent and cheap environmental services to the breaker yards. About 100 of small and big breaker yards are operating only in Birmingham & Dudley city. To evaluate the impacts of breaker yard on the surrounding community is a very daunting task. The main objective of eco breakers is to minimize the waste load in the breaker yards which produces as a result of dismantling automobiles. To implement the environmental policy & Environmental Management System (EMS) on the breaker yards not only bring the financial benefits to the breaker yards but also reduce the hazardous impacts on the surrounding community.

The parts typically dismantled from automobiles are any small and easily removable items, such as the light assemblies (commonly known as just "lights", e.g. headlights, blinkers, taillights), seats, parts of the exhaust system, mirrors, hubcaps, engine oil, antifreeze, break oil, heavy metals etc. We did first ever complete environmental audit of Codsal Middle School Staffordshire U.K and revealed many astonishing facts of the School. These facts can be view as follows:

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Our aim is to provide the fresh pure environment to our next generations by the strict compliance of environmental policy and its rules. We can’t eliminate all the hazardous substances from the yard environment but at least we can minimize them by our committed effort. Let us join our mission and help us to make the surrounding environment safe and pure. Please read few of the articles on our site and think how important is to make the breaker yard environment friendly. We offer free environmental audit service & Environmental Management System (EMS)   to the breaker yards. For any query please contact us:

Irshad Ahmed
Waste Management Consultant

M.Sc Environmental Mangament
B.Sc Botany, Zoology & Chemistry
Chemistry Certification
B.ED in Science Education
Student Associate Certification from Teaching Development Agency UK